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High Security UPVC Doors Installation in London

Recent surveys have proven that uPVC doors are highly secure and energy efficient! Friendly Locksmiths will provide you with a uPVC Doors installation service in London that offers affordable solutions suitable for both domestic and commercial properties. With a longer lifespan, virtually no maintenance, and better insulation, these modern doors are extremely resistant and are available in a range of designs to suit your home or business.

Install uPVC Doors to Improve Security

The method of construction of uPVC doors means they come with a complex locking system making your door so much more secure. Door handles are built to prevent unwanted visitors from entering your home! Our expert locksmiths will carry out your uPVC doors installation in London at a time that suits you – we work 365 days a year so however busy your schedule is, we’ll fit in. Every door lock we fit is highly secure and safe to install on your uPVC door. The lock system operates on multi-points to provide the additional security factor. If your door locks need changing our engineer can do that too. All the necessary tools and equipment needed to change the cylinder and replace it with a new one are already on the mobile unit.

Split spindle or dual spindle operation uPVC door locks have two separate spindles which are offset at different heights making access only possible from the outside even if the door is unlocked, giving added home security. Single spindle locks usually have a solid bar inside the handles will both handles leveled at the same height. Your expert locksmith will discuss all your needs, from replacing your locks to a completely new door installation, all included in the service!

uPVC Door Installation FREE Quotes

As well as providing all the help, advice, and support you need, our engineers will give you a detailed and accurate quote for your uPVC doors installation in London. On top of that, you’ll get…

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